Below are people who have shaped this organization in the past years.

Jennifer Ero


Jennifer Ero was the Founder and Executive Director of the Society for the Empowerment of Young Persons (SEYP) a Child Protection Expert and Child Right Activists.

She was also the National Coordination Child Protection Network Nigeria and a member of NACTAL. She piloted the affairs of the organization with tested and experienced personnel. She had more than 19 years experience in the area of Human Trafficking and Child Protection.

Jennifer Ero died on the 28th of September 2021.

Victoria Omo-Ero

Executive Director

Victoria Omo-Ero is the executive director of Society for the Empowerment of Young Persons, Edo state state Nigeria. She became the executive director of the organization after the passing away of her mother, Mrs. Jennifer Ero the founder of the organization. As executive director of SEYP she heads a team of qualified and committed staff who work tirelessly to ensure that SEYP’s thematic areas of Education, Child rights, Health, Youth empowerment, Reintegration, Governance, Women rights and more are constantly upheld and lived out in all of their programmes.

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