About Us

About Us

Society for the Empowerment of Young Persons (SEYP)

SEYP is concerned with and committed to reducing poverty, violence, discrimination, and abuses amongst women, youths, and children in communities and encouraging sustainable development in all spheres of life with a strong focus on implementing the Child Right Law. SEYP began operations by assisting women, youths, and children in communities through empowerment in resourceful business skills, reintegration of women and youth, and safe house shelter.

SEYP has worked continuously with local and international partners and community stakeholders through funding from donor agencies like UNICEF AMERICA BAR ASSOCIATION. ASSOCIATION iron ONLUS, USAID, IOM. EU&UK AGENCIES, IOM. GHAIN. GIZ/GOPA, NAPTIP. EDO MSDGI, and communities philanthropies, among others, in various projects that include livelihood (entrepreneurial and skills acquisition, empowerment programs), education, health, agriculture, gender mainstreaming, civic rights, protection and prevention, and environmental as regards climate.

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SEYP is a beacon of light to children and women, through positive consistent, focused programs and empowerment schemes to extract their contribution to societal growth and development to make the world a better place.


SEYP Transit Shelter

SEYP Transit Shelter

SEYP  Transit Shelter is a brainchild of the Society for the Empowerment of Young Persons (SEYP), a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization.

The shelter was established in 2014 and registered with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in 2015. 

SEYP open shelter is a twin duplex that has a 20-person capacity, it houses both male and female beneficiaries.

SEYP is concerned and committed to the Empowerment and protection of women and young persons and the prevention of vulnerable ones from social vices such as child abuse, exploitation, and trafficking in persons, with a strong focus on the implementation of the Child Right Law and to respond and prevent child protection issues. As the national co-ordinating body for the Child Protection Network Nigeria, SEYP has been at the forefront of ensuring that the Rights of the teaming children of Edo State are upheld and protected at all times. 

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